About Us

Live Music Awareness is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN 99-0325262) founded to help professional musicians bring their music to the public. LMA presents and supports live music, helps musicians find and realize performance opportunities, and fosters the general health of all kinds of music in Hawaii.

 An important part of LMA’s mission is education, helping everyone to understand music and musicians better, and to realize that music is made by live human beings, not by machines. To that end, LMA presents music programs in schools, libraries, and other public places, and publishes materials to assist in the educational process. Live Music Awareness is a resource for musicians, adopting musician-proposed projects and providing administrative support and technical assistance for musical projects that would otherwise not happen for want of skills in concert management. The musicians are freed from business worries so that they can devote their energies fully to music-making. The musicians gain income and career stability in the process, but the public is the ultimate beneficiary, gaining more opportunities to hear the artistry of Hawaii’s finest musicians.

Live Music Awareness presents many different projects and maintains several separate endowment funds to support them. On each of the webpages that describe the separate funds you will find a MAKE A DONATION button that directs your gift to that specific fund.

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